Photo: Zeki Melek

I am a seismologist, physicist, caver, climber, photographer, computer enthusiast who also loves drawing and 3D modeling.

I grew up in Turkey, where I attended Boğaziçi University for my B.S. in physics. During my undergrad years, I was intensely involved in caving and rock climbing. The love for outdoors I developed during those years led me to do a masters in geophysics, where I had the chance to combine abstract skills of physics with real world phenomena while going on field trips in amazing locations.

During my time in Boğaziçi University, I worked on the boards of caving and mountaineering clubs as president and vice president respectively. I organized national and international expeditions to many caves, including the deepest cave of Turkey, Evren Günay – Mehmet Ali Özel Cave.

After my MS with Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aktar at Department of Geophysics at Boğaziçi University, I had the pleasure to work with Prof. Dr. Yehuda Ben-Zion at USC Department of Earth Sciences for my PhD in Seismology. During my PhD, I worked on crustal structures near major faults as North Anatolian Fault, San Andreas Fault and San Jacinto Fault. I was also involved in several field trips in those locations.

I moved back to Turkey after finishing my PhD to work in Kandilli Observatory on EPOS project. My job was to collect and organize data from several fields, then develop, test and maintain web services to disseminate that data with the public. During this project I got interested in GIS applications, web development.

I am currently developing a national database for caves in Django, creating visualizations, caving, climbing, and taking photos while doing so.

(Header photo: Justin Sugiyama)

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